Our Values

Personalised Customer Service

Our personalised customer service warmly welcomes our clients, suppliers and contractors to contact us throughout the working week whether that is through calling or emailing us, speaking to our on-site manager in person or arranging a meeting with a member of our team at the head office. Respecting and valuing equality and cultural diversity in everything we do, we aim to create positive working environments in every aspect. Thus, helping to solve problems in order to satisfy our clients and sustain good relationships with them is imperative to us.

Good Relationships

Here at G3 Construction we have a very good supply chain and good relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers. We strive to build good relationships, as we believe it will benefit us in securing future works by having the best in the field on our books.


We also ensure that we have very good terms with suppliers for materials such as sanitary ware & plumbing, building materials, decorating materials and timber. We have especially good rates with our kitchen suppliers, which, in turn will benefit our customers in terms of the cost of our works. 

Professionalism and Policies
Through our experience and expertise, G3 Construction ensures professionalism and excellence in every aspect of our work from the way we manage our projects to the quality of finish we give to them. 
G3 also ensures professionalism and industry leading standards with the following policies:

Environmental Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Quality Management