New Members of the NHS Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Minor Building Works

We have recently been accepted onto the LPP DPS for Minor Works which is maintained by Constructionline.

Although we are already members of Constructionline and Chas, we feel as though the DPS is beneficial in that it will

provide our company with exposure to all NHS and Public Sector organisations that have currently registered to use the DPS. These organisations will now be able to search for G3 Construction UK Ltd. through the LPP/Constructionline system and issue tenders through their e-tendering system.

We have updated our website with the following to try and explain who LPP are and what the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) involves:

  • LPP works with NHS organisations to make the most of the purchasing power of the public sector to maximise investment in frontline services - helping deliver the highest quality services while at the same time ensuring value for money.

  • The LPP team encourages collaboration among a range of public sector organisations. They are committed to helping public sector organisations achieve their objectives and to enabling innovation, increased efficiency, improved service quality.

  • LPP currently works in collaboration with: 52 named NHS trusts and community providers; 30 Clinical Commissioning Group clusters; Community Health Partnerships; and a number of non-NHS organisations. This may be subject to change throughout the period of the DPS.

  • LPP will drive improved procurement and commercial efficiencies by Providing competent project management support that meets the needs of Contracting Authorities.

  • LPP is establishing the DPS to provide the NHS and other public sector organisations with a compliant procurement route for the execution of minor building works projects.

  • The DPS will provide an unlimited number of suitably qualified and experienced Works Contractors.

More information can be found by clicking the following links:

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